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It's another workday. You have big FYC targets set for this quarter but you only have a few meetings set for this month. It's not looking good for those big goals.Prospecting is the lifeblood of your business and it is what keeps your business going. It feels so frustrating to have to be worrying about prospecting when you really need to focus on closing more sales.

You set meetings and the prospects don't show up. When they do show up, they are not earning enough to meet your criteria. When they are earning enough they don't want to buy insurance. This list of problems gets longer. Sometimes you simply just hate prospecting and wish you could get rid of it altogether and still make enough sales. You may even have tried asking your current clients for referrals without success or having a friend send you leads for a payout but all these tactics just haven't been working.

Just when you wanted to give up on your goals, your met PTS Marketing Agency.​ You had a meeting with them and they asked you about your goals and you really felt listened to for once in your life. Not by a company that is just trying to make a sale but by someone who genuinely cares. They created an easy 3 step process for your to follow where they find your prospects, vet your prospects and send them over to you easily.

Since you started partnering the hardest part of your job, became the easiest part. Prospecting is now a breeze for you and you feel so comfortable about your full calendar, your FYC has increased almost by double and your goals are looking much more possible now.

You now wake up every day with a fully booked calendar, and you feel so excited to start your day every single day. Its a great feeling when you know you always have interested prospects who want to buy your products. Looking back you realized the only issue you had is that you didn't find PTS Marketing Earlier.

About P.T.S. Marketing

PTS Marketing Agency helps Financial Advisors get more qualified prospects fast so that they can increase their FYC and Financial Freedom even if they have no ongoing referrals or never worked with lead generation companies before.

Marketing Strategy

We create your marketing strategy so that it brings your ideal prospects to you instead of the other way around.

Consistent Prospects

Get the peace of mind of knowing you will have consistent prospects every single month

Achieve Career goals

Increase your FYC so that you can hit your bonus and MDRT or any other career goals you have easier

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Our Products & Services

Lead Generation Service

$197 - $497 USD
With our lead generation service we do the prospecting for you so that you can focus on the things that truly bring in more FYC

PTS Success Course

$93.97 USD
This is a course that will show you the secrets of how we generate leads so that you can increase your FYC by 10% or more in 90 days or less

MDRT Success Secrets Ebook on Amazon

$9.97 USD
This is a course that will show you the secrets of how we generate leads so that you can increase your FYC by 10% or more in 90 days or less
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Facts & Figures

This same lead generation process has helped our Clients to generate millions of dollars in FYC - and it can help you stop worrying about prospecting and start counting

Eugenie Douglas
Eugenie Douglas
Financial Advisor
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The daily interaction and the system we use is very simple, informative and engaging. My prospects came in a timely manner, even though not as quickly as I wanted. Overall the service offered is good, with little room for improvement.
Shauna Mcleod
Shauna Mcleod
Financial Advisor
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They provide well needed practical advice on how to get to your FYC goals
Vanardo Gillespie
Vanardo Gillespie
Financial Advisor
Read More
The service, in general, is great. They have a very reliable customer service team.
Keanu Williams
Keanu Williams
Financial Advisor
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PTS Marketing has a genuine interest in making in helping Financial Advisors with every interaction striving to make their results better each and every time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You get your prospects in 3 ways:

  1. In a text message to alert you
  2. In an email to help you keep track
  3. All information is listed in an excel sheet for your perusal (This will be an app & website shortly)

For an example of how this works, click the “SEND ME A LEAD” button to get a test lead and see how it works.

We have been working with quite a few Financial Advisors who have benefitted greatly. You can feel free to check our reviews on our website, google page and Facebook to see what other advisors are saying.

We run Facebook & Instagram ads using the right targeting strategies based on your ideal client to find the right prospects that stays on the books.

We would ask you about the type of prospects you want and do not want, then we use our proprietary “4 Step Qualification Process” to vet each prospect based on their occupation, salary, disposable income and their mindset (if they do not see the value in insurance it does not make sense) and provide the prospects that align while ensuring we keep the ones you do not want off your books.

It’s easy – we send an invoice then you can pay directly to the business bank account. We will also be accepting payments to our website where you can set up automatic billing to make the process way easier for you.

  1. Ofcourse, we have 3 guarantees to protect you:
    30-day money-back guarantee – At any time within the first 30 days you can get a refund of any unused portion of your money (leads that have not been generated for you as yet. If it’s generated it has been used up)
  2. Earn while you learn guarantee – We will generate 50% of your leads and pause so you can let us know how you want us to make your leads even more suitable for you
  3. Make a profit guarantee – we will run the numbers with you to show you how easy it is to make a profit, (oftentimes only 2 sales are needed & all additional sales are straight profit)

We do understand the dire consequences of getting clawbacks, and while we can not guarantee that there will not be a clawback, as it is dependent on the individual client themselves, we have a track record of NO clawbacks since our inception. This is achieved by our rigorous process of only providing the types of leads you requested while we get feedback from you on the leads we provide in real-time & in our bi-monthly meetings that helps us to assess the quality of each lead every step of the way. This is based on your feedback. Each advisor can let us know what to keep generating for them and what to stop generating.

Yes, we do. We offer an almost 50% discount on our PTS Success Course – Increase your FYC in 90 Days or Less, talk to a success partner now and ask us about your discount.

If you need us to answer any other questions for you just give us a call at (876)823-3165 or book a zoom meeting with us at meetings.hubspot.com/pts.

We look forward to hear from you.

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