3 Biggest Challenges of Entrepreneurs & How To Beat them

3 Biggest Challenges of Entrepreneurs & How To Beat them


Running a business is hard, and entrepreneurs are faced with challenges every day. But if you’re an entrepreneur, the good news is that you’ve already taken the first step towards overcoming these challenges—you’ve got your eye on them! And if you’re reading this post, then I’m assuming you want to overcome them. So without further ado and in no particular order:

Challenges of Entrepreneurs #1: Being a solo entrepreneur

Being a solo entrepreneur is challenging. You have to do everything yourself, which means you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of or help with the workload. In addition, there is no one else to delegate work to or take over when you need a break. You are also in competition with companies that have teams working on their products, so it’s harder for you to keep up with them if you’re doing all the research and implementation yourself.

Once entrepreneurs accept this challenge and realize how important it can be for them as an entrepreneur, they can start thinking about ways of overcoming it by hiring contractors or freelancers for some tasks instead of doing them all themselves (and without spending too much money).

Some ways to take advantage of contractors or companies are:
  • Hire a marketing company to do your marketing for you so you can bring in sales effortlessly
  • Hire a sales outsourcing company to close the leads you get from marketing
  • Outsource some research tasks like writing content for your website or creating graphics for social media posts
  • And a little-known way of outsourcing is to use AI tools to automate some of your repetitive tasks.

One of the biggest challenges that many entrepreneurs face is time. They have a million things to do but not enough time to get them done. If they don’t outsource some of their work, they could end up working 24/7. And this is when burnout happens and you lose motivation to keep going with your business.

Challenges of Entrepreneurs #2: Not building a scalable business model

What is scalability?

A scalable business model is one that allows you to reach a large audience easily and efficiently, without having to spend more money. This means that once your product or service has been created, it can be offered to a wide range of customers without too much extra work.

3 Steps that makes a business model scalable?

The first step in building a scalable business model is having your own landing page where people can access your product or service. You also need an online presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so customers know who you are before buying anything from you. As well as this, it’s important that customers know what they get when they buy something from you (the benefits). For example: if someone buys our Make Sales Package then they know they will not only get a landing page (the service) but they will also get real paying clients who are loyal to their business for life! (the benefit) Not only does this mean more sales but also more referrals which could lead to repeat orders down the line too!

It is all in the way you position your service and how it can benefit your client.

The next step is to build a list of people who are interested in what you have to offer. This can be done through email marketing, social media or even getting traffic from Google. The more people that hear about what you do, the more demand there will be for your products and services.

The final step is to increase your sales by promoting your products or services more aggressively. This could mean using techniques like advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords and LinkedIn as well as running online promotions. The key to making any business model scalable is building a list of customers who want what you have, and then promoting it until the demand outstrips supply!

Is your business model scalable

Some questions to ask yourself when trying to determine if your business model is scalable are:

  • Do I have a product or service that people want?
  • Can I increase my output if I hire?
  • Is it easy to train new employees?
  • Can I increase sales by promoting my products more aggressively?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself when trying to determine the scalability of your business model. If any of your answers to these questions was “No”, then it’s time to start scaling! Whatsapp us now to find out how

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Challenges of Entrepreneurs #3: Not getting your products or services in front of customers

You just built a great business that’s supposed to change the life of every client you sell. But…you start offering your service and nobody is buying. Or if you get sales they are so far and unpredictable that it doesn’t leave a significant mark. This is usually a result of not being able to get your products or services in front of customers.

Why is it so difficult to get your products in front of your ideal customers?

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a marketing degree, so it’s very hard for them to manoeuvre the rigours of:

  • creating the right ads that target the right people who can and will spend money with your brand
  • using social media marketing to not just get likes but get sales
  • creating the perfect images to get people to feel the right emotions
  • and a whole lot more…

What to do if you can’t get your product in front of customers?


Don’t worry – we have got something for you! To get rid of the challenges and frustration faced by entrepreneurs, we can help you market your products and services online without spending a lot of money. With our easy-to-use solutions, we will promote your business online by using Facebook ads and other social media platforms like Whatsapp & Instagram etc. To find out more, send us a WhatsApp message now or give us a call today at PTS Marketing Ltd at 876-823-3165 and our experts will guide you on the best way possible to market your businesses online without spending much money!

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but if you have a passion for business and can overcome the challenges of entrepreneurs we’ve outlined here then you may be well on your way to becoming a great one.

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