Ad Agency Case Study for an Airbnb Host

Ad Agency Case Study for an Airbnb Host

We believe every Entrepreneur deserves success. Therefore this blog is in the series of our ad agency case study. It will show you how our services have helped other Entrepreneurs just like you reach their goals.

Meet Jennifer of Coral Paradise Airbnb Home

Jennifer W is a Lecturer for nurses in Pennsylvania. As a Jamaican living abroad, it has always been Jennifer’s dream to own her own profitable Airbnb rentals.

Coral Paradise is a brand new Airbnb home situated in Portmore Jamaica which started in September 2022. This Airbnb home caters to Jamaicans living abroad who want a luxurious space that doesn’t break the bank. However, it has been very difficult for her to start. She faced many challenges during her build phase:

  • She got ripped off by shady construction persons who knew she wasn’t living in Jamaica
  • She went over her budget and had to use her retirement funds
  • She was stressed beyond comprehension
  • Her husband kept on telling her to quit
  • She kept on pushing her dates so she could get everything “perfect”

After all that trouble, she finally listed her Airbnb for a month and did not get any bookings. Her page was dead! Like a ghost town. You can understand how crazy it was for her in the beginning. Since she met Roberto Williams, the CEO of PTS Marketing Agency and he suggested that she launch her Airbnb using Ads they worked on her campaign tirelessly to ensure it was right for her and her audience and would achieve her goals.

The Process

Jennifer marvelled at how simple the process was. The PTS team did most of the heavy lifting for her and made the whole process feel easy. This is an understatement as Jennifer had no prior knowledge of setting up digital marketing ads. They completed the setup, the buildout and the optimization for her and in less than 2 weeks her ads were up and running.

Below are some creatives we built for Jennifer’s ads:

Which then leads the user to her landing page and then her Airbnb page.

The Results

The first 24 hours were nerve-racking for Jennifer as she did not know what to expect. Would she have wasted her money? Should she have just waited for Airbnb to start working? Can PTS do what they said they can? She had those questions bouncing around her head before she even got her first result.

Then something magical happened. She began getting potential clients reaching out to her. First one, then two, and then her phone began to flood with messages and inquiries. She was excited when the clients began placing their orders. She sent us this onslaught of messages:

“Guest booking confirmed. He just paid and will be arriving Oct 17th”

“Just received a second booking”

“Just received a message from the lady requesting the 6 nights.

She just booked. That’s 2 bookings in 1 day. Wow!!”

Jennifer W. Whatsapp message
Ad Agency Case Study – First Month’s Sales
Airbnb host who worked with PTS Marketing earned $678k in the first month

It was amazing. Within the first 24 hours of running ads, she earned $169,713.60 JMD from bookings. The overall one-month campaign generated

Ad Agency Case Study – Reviews
5 Star reviews for Airbnb host PTS Marketing

On Airbnb, reviews are very important to help you start ranking organically. Therefore PTS Marketing ensured there was a proper strategy to help Jennifer reach this goal using email marketing. Offers were crafted that would reward clients for leaving great reviews and boost not only stays but reviews left. This resulted in 80% of all clients leaving a positive review automatically as seen below.

Airbnb host who worked with PTS Marketing is now fully booked
Ad Agency Case Study – Bookings

Jennifer’s bookings are through the roof and at the time of writing she had to prematurely stop running as to her page as she is all booked out all the way up until January. Her advice to other Entrepreneurs like her is to “Get out of your own way” so that they can see their goals achieved in record time.

Jennifer told us, based on her experience working with us, she is super happy with the overall ease and results. She plans to expand her business using other strategies implemented by the PTS Team and introduce other friends and business owners to the service. So you can imagine how excited she must be feeling now.


Finally, as we know, entrepreneurs face many tough challenges. As a matter of fact, most entrepreneurs fail within the first 1 – 5 years because they do not sell enough. This causes frustration as sales plummet and big dreams start to waver.
PTS Marketing understands how it feels when all your efforts fail because that was us before. Let us create ads for your business to surpass revenue goals so you can ease your frustration & feel proud of your business just like Jennifer as it grows rapidly. WhatsApp us now & get rid of that frustration you now have. Because we believe every entrepreneur deserves success.

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