Best Marketing Company in Jamaica

Best Marketing Company in Jamaica

Best Marketing Company in Jamaica

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne. In this article, I will show you the 3 best marketing companies in Jamaica. I list why they are the best at what they do and some of their pros and cons. You can then make a decision on if they can help your company increase its revenues.

Firstly, about 95% of people check online before they actually make a purchase. As a result, if you aren’t making the most of online marketing you are missing a large portion of your potential clientele. Studies show that entrepreneurs who have started some form of digital marketing have seen a significant and consistent increase in their revenue.

If you are an Entrepreneur looking to grow your company’s revenue but not sure how to market your company & reach more of the customers you want then this article is for you. It is geared at helping you to increase your profits by choosing the right Marketing company in Jamaica to help you achieve your goal.

There is a myriad of marketing companies that offer various services that may include social media advertising, email marketing, website design, and other online marketing strategies to help you reach more customers.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed or intimidated when choosing which marketing company is best for you to get the results you are looking for. We put together a list of 3 marketing companies in Jamaica that are great for social media management, influencer marketing and social media ads. We hope this helps with your decision.

Esirom – Social Media Management

Social media management is when a company handles the tasks of monitoring and posting content on your social media pages to help you increase your audience, increase engagement (likes & shares) and sell to customers. This leaves your company to focus on what it does best; delighting your customer through customer service, fulfilment and sales. . Social media management is one of the most common marketing tools available today. It is common because it works, there is no doubt about that.

Esirom has mastered the skill of social media management, they have a team of trained social media experts who monitor and post the best content possible to your various social media accounts, monitoring your competition and using it to boost your audience.


  • Experts in social media management
  • They create graphics and content that sell to your audience
  • They focus on organic traffic


  • They work with large companies that have a big budget to be able to manage the expenses
  • Their website is a bit difficult to manoeuvre
  • According to a customer review, the parking space is very limited when you go to their office so it may be best to call

EFFIT – Influencer Marketing

When it comes to branding influencers are one of the most valuable assets for your business. Influencers help drive traffic to your website and expand your reach, you cannot understate the role they play in revenue creation.

Influencers have a lot of influence over how people perceive you and your brand.

EFFIT is an Influencer marketing company with a great track record. They assist people with their target audience so that their message can be amplified on the internet, creating a wider and more loyal audience. The company focuses on providing access to well-known influencers to help people create quality content, create engaging campaigns, and drive awareness of your brand.


  • They work with big brands that have the resources to utilize the best influencers for marketing
  • They work in partnership with influencers to drive sales for their clients


  • Influencer marketing may not be the right strategy for smaller businesses or newer entrepreneurs
  • This takes a bigger budget to compete and is usually accessed by larger companies

PTS Marketing Agency – Social Media Paid Advertising

Finally, most businesses spend a fortune on marketing using various methods that don’t give them the results they are looking for. Hands down, social media marketing is the quickest and easiest way to increase your revenue as an Entrepreneur and owner of a small business in jamaica.

Social media advertising is the most cost-effective way to acquire customers. With the capabilities of our social media advertising agency, you will be able to achieve measurable success while spending little money.

PTS Marketing Agency is focused on helping 100,000 entrepreneurs profitably increase their revenue because every entrepreneur deserves success. You know how small business owners find it difficult to find the right marketing company in Jamaica to help them achieve their goals. We help entrepreneurs to find the right clients and sell to them effortlessly using social media ads, for as little as $775 JMD per day.


  • Over 90% of our clients have a return of at least 150% of what they invested
  • Small Business owners don’t have to give up on their dreams. Our dedicated team are ready to help them bring their dreams to life.
  • We cater to the needs of your business once it needs more customers small or large
  • Setup is easy and simple


  • We give our clients one on one attention so we do not take on a lot of clients at once so reach out and save your space before it runs out


In conclusion, marketing is necessary for every company but not every marketing is necessary for you. Choose a strategy that will get you the quickest results to increase your revenue and bottom line, while still being cost-effective. We suggest starting out with social media paid ads, then moving on to social media management to handle all the new customers you will get and finally influencer marketing to expand your reach with the new profits you are now generating.

To reach out to PTS Marketing agency, you may call us at 876-823-3165 or visit our website at

If you just want to get some free advice on how to explode your revenue, then book a free session with a business success partner from PTS for free here:

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