Facebook ad setup for Digital Marketing

Facebook ad setup for Digital Marketing

This blog post shows you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the initial Facebook ad setup for a digital marketing campaign TODAY. That way you can start exploding your revenue.

Facebook ad setup for a digital marketing campaign is daunting…we understand

When you are just getting started with Facebook advertising, it can be quite daunting however there is no need to panic. This is a step-by-step tutorial to get you up and running fast. It’s so easy, we will show it in only 3 steps. This 3-step-explanatory tutorial is for my readers who need a deeper dive into what to do and why.

3 Step explanatory deep dive for Facebook ad set-up

Follow these 3 easy steps to setup Facebook ad for your Digital marketing campaigns TONIGHT
  • Create a business manager page – This page is like a supervisor that manages your other ad pages
  • Create a business page – This is the face of your business or personal brand, therefore setting it up right is absolutely crucial
  • Create an ad account – This is the account that houses your revenue-generating ads
Create a business manager page to manage your digital marketing activities

Moreover, a business manager page is integral to setting up your digital marketing campaigns correctly. You manage, grow and optimize your business with a business manager page as the top-level page. It houses all the other pages and business assets you will need to run profitable campaigns.

The first step is to navigate to business.facebook.com/overview and fill out the form there

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Create a business page for your company

After setting up the initial Facebook business manager page, then the next logical thing to continue your Facebook ad setup for digital marketing is to create a Facebook page. Honestly, creating a page is easy. All you have to do is pick a company name and add a few quick details while Facebook guides you through the entire setup.

The technical side to do it in the business manager, look to your left and click pages. Then it will say no pages are available, which means you will click to create a new one. Follow along here:

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Profile Pictures

A Facebook page is like a virtual store for your products or service while digital marketing. This means if it is empty, then no customer will want to stop by. You fill it by ensuring you have a beautiful profile picture and engaging posts to show what your brand/business is about.

When creating a personal brand, ensure this profile picture shares a message that your client can trust you. It should show your personality as possible, Follow these 3 tips to stay on the right track:

  • Smile professionally – It warms your customer’s soul
  • Ensure you have great lighting – A blurry or dark picture speaks volumes about your professionalism and the lack thereof
  • Keep your background simple – too much happening in your background can be distracting
Cover Photo

In addition, a cover photo is a larger version of your display picture and gives you more real estate to showcase your brand voice. Use your cover photo to promote, share and inform. Ensure a cover photo is a strong part of your strategy.

NB: Make sure the page has a link to your website if you have one.

Create an ad account to set up and run ads

When you want to make money on social media, you must create an ad account to run digital marketing ads. The setup for facebook ad with digital marketing in mind is pretty straightforward. You must first set up your ad account similar to the page setup. You do this by clicking “ad account”, then by clicking “add new”. Finally, you click “create a new ad account”

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As soon as the ad account is up successfully, it will create a pop up and ask you to add your payment information (credit or debit card)
Just follow these steps to do so:

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Link a business partner to your ad account

Finally, link all your accounts to an expert partner account to ensure you can create greater optimised results for the best revenue growth while saving you money.

A great Facebook ad digital marketing agency has access to run your ads, post on your page, answer queries, etc.

To set up this harmonious connection all you have to do is click add partner on both page and ad account options like this:

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Are you Stuck?
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In conclusion, if you are looking to setup your Facebook ad for digital marketing, then the easiest way is to do it like this tutorial. Just jump to the steps that are really giving you a tough time with our visual follow-along guide.

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