Marketing for Real Estate Agent (Jamaican Cheat Sheet)

Marketing for Real Estate Agent (Jamaican Cheat Sheet)

Marketing for many a Real estate agent is usually swept under the rug, not because of ignorance but because they simply can not find the time. However, in the vibrant market of Jamaica, real estate agentsbridge the gap between many homeowner’s dreams—turning the key to a family’s future home and therefore marketing is absolutely necessary to reach more of those hot & ready buyers.

The connection between a buyer and their potential home is profound, often covered in hope, anticipation, and a lifetime of dreams. For real estate agents, understanding and tapping into these emotions through social media can be the golden ticket to attracting hot and ready home buyers. Here’s a simple cheat sheet for marketing that Jamaican real estate agents can use to do just that. If you stick and stay to the end I’ll also show you how you could get someone else to implement all of this for you.

Understand Your Audience’s Journey is Marketing 101 as a Real Estate Agent

Start by mapping out the emotional journey of your prospective homebuyers. Do they feel excitement? What about anxiety? When do they feel these emotions? Each phase of the buying process triggers different types of emotions. As a marketing savvy real estate agent, you need to tailor your content to resonate with these feelings, providing reassurance, excitement, and support throughout their journey.


  • Share stories of past buyers and their happiness upon finding their perfect home.
  • Post testimonials to build trust and confidence.
  • Share difficulties of past buyers and how they overcame them

Use Marketing To Showcase the Lifestyle, Not Just the Property

Jamaican homes are set in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Each home usually has a story that often helps with closing and finding the right buyer for the home. Highlight the lifestyle that each property offers, beyond the walls and the roof. Use high-quality images and videos to showcase the community, the culture, and the unique lifestyle that comes with each home.


  • Create video tours of the neighborhoods.
  • Share local events and news to give a taste of community life.
  • Do drone shots of the community highlighting areas of interest

Use Targeted Hashtags

Hashtags are a simple yet powerful tool to increase the visibility of your posts. Use targeted hashtags that potential buyers might be following. Think #JamaicanHomes, #DreamHomeJamaica, or #JamaicaRealEstate to catch the eye of those in the hunt for a new home.

A great hashtag strategy I like to use is called the 3×3 hashtag strategy. It involves selecting three sets of hashtags:

  • Problem Aware hashtags – These hashtags are like little flags that help people search for posts related to specific problems. They also create a community of people who are interested in those issues and want to make a positive impact. eg. #needhomenow #
  • Solution-oriented hashtags – These hashtags are used to categorize and gather posts that focus on solving problems or addressing specific issues of buyers. eg. #cheaphome #multiunithome #vacationhome
  • For example, let’s say you have a problem with math homework and want to find tips or solutions. You can search for a solution-oriented hashtag like #MathHelp. This will bring up posts that people have shared with the same hashtag, providing you with different ways to solve your math problem.
  • Niche-specific hashtags – These are used to connect people with similar interests or in a specific community. They help bring together posts related to a particular topic or field. Think of it as joining a club or group where everyone shares the same passion or hobby. eg. #jamaicahomebuyers #jamaicandevelopers #mortgage

By incorporating a variety of hashtags, you can get more people to see your posts, follow your account, and ultimately close on more houses. Remember, a well-thought-out hashtag strategy is crucial for a successful social media campaign!


  • Research popular real estate hashtags in Jamaica.
  • Create a unique hashtag for your brand to help buyers recognize you.
  • You can use a tool called Ritetag or other hashtag research tools to help

Engage and Interact

Social media is a two-way street. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and even sharing user-generated content. This means you have to get your boots dirty and roll up your sleeves. The more authentically that you can communicate with your people is the more they will trust you enough to want to buy a house from you. This not only boosts your visibility but also helps in building a community around your brand.


  • Host live Q&A sessions about the buying process, breaking it down and making it easy.
  • Share stories or posts from local buyers.
  • Set up an autoresponder on social media so they know when you will be reaching out if you can’t now (we know your job can get busy)

Great Marketing for a Real Estate Agent will Highlight the Emotional Aspect of Each Listing

Every home has a story. Whether it’s the breathtaking view from the balcony or the cozy nook by the fireplace, highlight these emotional selling points. Encourage your followers to imagine their lives unfolding in these spaces.


  • Use descriptive storytelling in your captions.
  • Share buyer success stories and the emotional journey they went through.
  • Be authentic!

Free Strategy Session and Social Media Audit

Navigating social media as a Jamaican real estate agent can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Its very stressful to try to do it all alone; posting, showings, closing, signing and now social media marketing. We understand that at PTS Marketing Agency and that’s why we want to help you harness the full power of digital marketing with a Free Revenue Strategy Session specifically for Real Estate Agents like you who want to make more money from hot and ready online buyers.

We’ll help you identify key areas for improvement and craft strategies that resonate with your target audience, turning those digital connections into real-life successes.

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In the bustling real estate market of Jamaica, making a genuine emotional connection with potential homebuyers is key. By following this cheat sheet and taking advantage of our free offers, you’re not just selling homes; you’re crafting dreams and making them a reality. Let’s turn those online engagements into successful closings!

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