Visual Tutorial for Facebook Ad Setup (Digital Marketing)

Visual Tutorial for Facebook Ad Setup (Digital Marketing)

Click the “Get Started” button that looks like the one below

Contact your business success partner and set a time.
Why don’t you guys set this up for me?

We would love to, however for your account security, you need to set-up your account and leave them blank, so you can have full control of your accounts even if we stop working together. Once you create the “shell”, then you can give us access to build out your campaign so you can start exploding your revenue

Does this affect my personal account?

Your personal account is used to be the admin of your business pages. Although you will be using your personal account to set it up, it doesn’t affect your personal account, nor will your clients be able to see the details of your personal account.


In conclusion, if you are looking to set-up your Facebook ad for digital marketing, then the easiest way is to do it like this tutorial. Just jump to the steps that are really giving you a tough time with our visual follow-along guide.

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